We offer

Leave your engineers to their design work, your sales staff to their selling, and let us translate your manuals, product leaflets and other texts into whatever language you require.


Not only do we ensure that your text is translated into the language or languages you require, we also adapt it linguistically to the target group. The translated text is delivered in the format and manner that you have stipulated.


Your text may already be in a layout that you wish to retain. You may perhaps require help to produce a layout that fits in with your thoughts about colour and form. We help you to identify and meet your layout requirements, which also means that your texts are print-ready when you receive them from us.

Image editing

If you have an image that you wish to change for some reason then we’ll be happy to help. It may be an image with a text which also needs to be translated. Perhaps you need to adjust an image for some reason or quite simply produce a completely new image for your brochure or manual.


We can help you to produce an original text – for a brochure or a manual for example.


We can also help you with subtitling and voice-over for your videos. Listen to our voices at http://idiom.selectyourvoice.com/.


Localization involves adapting a text or printed matter to the market in which it will be used. This could involve simple things such as choosing the correct decimal mark or quotation marks. Alternatively, it could involve adapting the text to what is accepted practice and culturally appropriate in the country in which the text is to be used.


We can also help with proofreading on every level. Often there isn’t sufficient time to put a text you have written to one side to allow it to ‘mature’. The best approach might be to allow someone else to read it through and provide feedback.